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Introducing our cutting-edge Medical Store Signboard: a beacon of reliability and visibility for your pharmacy. Featuring durable, weather-proof materials, energy-efficient LED lighting, and a customizable design that perfectly mirrors your brand identity. This signboard is not just a sign, but a statement of trust and quality care.


Note: Our services are Customizable, with costs per inch for a pricing idea. Contact our Sales team for an exact quote based on your needs.


Key Features:
  • Vibrant LED Lighting: Ensures 24/7 visibility, attracting attention day and night.
  • Customizable Designs: Tailor-made to reflect your store’s unique brand and style.
  • Weatherproof: Built with durable materials to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Energy Efficient: Low power consumption for sustainable, long-term use.
  • Clear Visibility: Large, legible fonts and symbols for easy recognition.
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Enhance your pharmacy’s visibility with our Medical Store Signboard. Crafted from premium materials, this signboard features a bright, inviting design that combines health symbols and vibrant colours to attract attention. Perfect for pharmacies looking to stand out, it promises durability and visibility, rain or shine. Its clear, legible typography ensures your store is easily spotted by those in need, making it an essential tool for guiding customers to your doorstep for professional care and service.

Note: Our services are highly customizable, and the provided cost per running inch is intended to give you an idea of pricing. For an accurate quote, please consult with our Sales team to discuss your unique requirements.

  • High Visibility: Utilizes bright colours and large fonts for easy recognition from afar.
  • Universal Medical Symbol: Features the widely recognized medical cross or caduceus, signalling healthcare services.
  • Weather-Resistant Materials: Constructed with durable components to withstand various climatic conditions.
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: Equipped with LED or neon lighting for 24/7 visibility while minimizing power consumption.
  • Customizable Design: Offers flexibility in design to reflect the unique identity of your medical store, enhancing brand recognition.

Leading Acrylic Sign Board manufacturer in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, Thane with 12 Years of Expertise + 28 Persons Team + 4 Machines. We Supply All types of Glow Sign boards and glow Signage of Custom Shapes, Sizes & Colors. We also make signboards of various materials such as Acrylic Glow Sign Board, LED Glow Sign Board, and ACP Sign.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What types of signboards are best for medical stores?
    • For medical stores, illuminated signboards with LED or neon lights are ideal as they ensure 24/7 visibility. Using durable, weather-resistant materials with clear, legible fonts and the universal medical symbol enhances recognition and accessibility.
  2. Can I customize the design of my medical store signboard?
    • Yes, customization is highly encouraged to reflect your store’s unique identity. The signboard can be tailored to meet your branding needs, from the choice of colours to the font style and the inclusion of logos or specific imagery.
  3. How important is the placement of a medical store signboard?
    • Placement is crucial for maximizing visibility and attracting customers. It should be positioned at a height and location clear from obstructions, facing the direction of incoming traffic or pedestrian flow for optimal exposure.
  4. Are there any regulations for medical store signboards?
    • Yes, local regulations may dictate the size, placement, and sometimes the content of medical store signboards. It’s essential to consult local bylaws and obtain necessary permits to ensure compliance and avoid potential fines.
  5. How do I maintain my medical store signboard?
    • Regular maintenance includes cleaning the signboard to remove dirt and debris, checking for and promptly repairing any damage, and ensuring that the lighting components are working correctly. This helps in keeping the signboard appealing and fully functional over time.


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5 reviews for Medical Store Signboard

  1. Sweta Kamble

    While searching for a medical signboard maker in Navi Mumbai, we found Signage Mumbai. They delivered a quality Medical Store Signboard for our Dental Clinic with professional service. Just a minor issue with timing, but overall, a solid 4-star experience.

  2. Sagar Sonavne

    Best Work

  3. Rajesh Patel

    Excellent Medical Store Signboard! It’s bright and professional, attracting customers effortlessly. Highly recommended!

  4. Priya Gupta

    The Medical Store Signboard is top-notch! Sleek design and great visibility. Definitely worth the investment.

  5. Neha Sharma

    Impressed with the quality and design of the Medical Store Signboard. Adds a classy touch to our pharmacy!

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