Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frame

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Elevate your space with our Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frame, a modern display solution that encases your memories between two crystal-clear acrylic panels. This frameless design, easy to update and mount, brings a floating effect to your images. Perfect for any setting, it’s durable, UV-resistant, and available in multiple sizes. Minimum order: 100 pieces.


Note: Our services are Customizable, with costs per inch for a pricing idea. Contact our Sales team for an exact quote based on your needs.



Key Features:
  • Frameless Design: Offers a sleek, modern appearance with a floating effect for photos.
  • High-Quality Acrylic: Ensures durability, clarity, and UV protection, preserving the vibrancy of images.
  • Versatile Mounting: Easy to install on walls with standoff bolts, enhancing any decor.
  • Easy Photo Updates: Quick and simple process to change photos without hassle.
  • Multiple Sizes Available: Accommodates various photo dimensions, including custom sizes upon request.


The Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frame offers a sleek and modern way to display photos, combining two clear, sturdy acrylic panels that sandwich your image for a floating effect. Perfect for both home and office environments, this frame adds a touch of elegance to any space. Its durable design ensures a long-lasting display of your cherished memories or professional achievements. Ideal for bulk orders, we offer these frames with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces, catering to businesses and large events.

Note: Our services are highly customizable, and the provided cost per running inch is intended to give you an idea of pricing. For an accurate quote, please consult with our Sales team to discuss your unique requirements.


Key Features of Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frame

  • Sleek Design: Features a minimalist, frameless look that enhances the displayed image without overpowering it.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality acrylic, offering resistance to shattering and long-term durability.
  • Versatile Display: Suitable for both vertical and horizontal orientations, fitting various image sizes.
  • Easy to Assemble: A simple sandwich mechanism makes inserting and changing photos effortless.
  • UV Protection: Acrylic panels provide some protection against fading due to sunlight exposure, keeping your images vibrant.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What sizes are available for the Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frames?
    • Our Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frames come in a variety of sizes, including standard photo dimensions and custom sizes upon request, to perfectly fit your display needs.
  2. How do I change the photo in my Acrylic Sandwich Frame?
    • Changing photos is easy: simply unscrew the standoff bolts, separate the acrylic panels, replace the photo, and reassemble. It’s designed for quick updates whenever you’d like a change.
  3. Can the Acrylic Sandwich Frame be mounted on the wall?
    • Yes, each frame comes with standoff bolts that not only secure the acrylic panels together but also allow for elegant wall mounting, giving your space a modern gallery look.
  4. Is the Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frame durable for long-term display?
    • Absolutely. The frame is made from high-quality acrylic, which is known for its durability, shatter resistance, and UV protection, ensuring your photos remain safe and vibrant over time.
  5. What is the minimum order quantity for Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frames?
    • The minimum order quantity for our Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frames is 100 pieces, making it an excellent choice for businesses, events, or large-scale interior design projects.


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