Acrylic Napkin Box


Discover the elegance of simplicity with our Acrylic Napkin Box. Crafted from premium acrylic, this durable and transparent holder brings a touch of sophistication to any setting. Perfectly sized for convenience and designed for easy cleaning, it’s the ideal solution for keeping napkins neat and accessible. Minimum Order Quantity: 200.


Note: Our services are Customizable, with costs per inch for a pricing idea. Contact our Sales team for an exact quote based on your needs.



Key Features:
  • High-Quality Acrylic: Durable and clear for longevity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Elegant Design: Adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting.
  • Easy to Clean: Wipe down with a damp cloth for a fresh look.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for homes, restaurants, and offices.
  • Compact and Convenient: Space-efficient, keeping napkins tidy and accessible.


Elevate your dining experience with our sleek Acrylic Napkin Box, designed for both elegance and durability. Crafted from premium-quality, clear acrylic, this napkin holder boasts a contemporary design that seamlessly blends with any decor. Perfect for restaurants, cafes, or home use, it ensures napkins are kept clean, organized, and easily accessible. Enhance the aesthetics of your table setting with this stylish and practical accessory. Minimum Order Quantity: 200

Note: Our services are highly customizable, and the provided cost per running inch is intended to give you an idea of pricing. For an accurate quote, please consult with our Sales team to discuss your unique requirements.


Key Features of Acrylic Napkin Box

  • Transparent Design: Offers a clear view, making it easy to monitor and refill napkins.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality acrylic, ensuring longevity and resistance to breakage.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean with just a damp cloth, maintaining its pristine appearance.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for homes, restaurants, and office settings, blending seamlessly with any decor.
  • Compact Size: Optimally designed for space efficiency, fitting comfortably on any table or countertop.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the material used in the Acrylic Napkin Box?
    • The napkin box is made from high-quality, durable acrylic, known for its clarity and resistance to breakage.
  2. Can the Acrylic Napkin Box be customized for branding purposes?
    • Yes, we offer customization options for branding, including logo engraving and colour choices, to align with your corporate identity or decor.
  3. Is the Acrylic Napkin Box suitable for outdoor use?
    • Absolutely, the acrylic material is weather-resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. However, prolonged exposure to extreme conditions should be avoided to maintain its appearance.
  4. How should the Acrylic Napkin Box be cleaned to maintain its clear appearance?
    • For cleaning, simply use a soft, damp cloth with mild soap. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that could scratch the surface.
  5. What is the minimum order quantity for the Acrylic Napkin Box?
    • The minimum order quantity for the Acrylic Napkin Box is 200 units, ensuring a cost-effective solution for both small and large establishments.


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