3D LED Acrylic Letter with ACP


ACP stands for Aluminium Composite Panel. An ACP Signboard consists of ACP as its panel material with character’s made of other material either on top or behind the front of the panel. A typical ACP back-lit Sign has letters cut into the Aluminium Composite Panel with coloured Acrylic sheets pasted from behind and lights inside the box of the signage.

The best light to use in ACP Backlit Signs is LED as the heats generated by LED’s are minimal  and also the power consumption is much lesser.


ACP signboards are made up of Aluminium composite panel. ACP is perfectly suited for many signage applications as the product is both light weight and rigid. Aluminium composite panels are made from a thin layer of aluminium on top and bottom sandwiching a middle layer of high density poly urethane plastic. They are available in more than 50 shades of standard colours and customized colours can be organized for large volume applications such as 3D LED Acrylic letter with ACP.

ACP signs are manufactured in the following process. First the sheets are through cut as per the lighting area and then grooved with the help of the router. The required embossed acrylic letters are placed in the through cut area and the whole ACP is mounted on a MS structure with necessary electrical LED for the backlit effect.

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