Roll-Up Standee


Attractive, smart and affordable, our Retractable Banner Stand will deliver your message with impact. The stand adds stability. The graphic panel rolls into the base for a flat package that fits neatly into a slim padded nylon carrying case.

•  Durable

•  Sturdy Construction

•  Elegant Design

•  Eye-Catching Appearance

•  Easy to Use

•  Lightweight

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The Roll-Up Standee is a very popular banner stand, known for its affordability, lightweight, easy to set up, convenience, quality and value. The banner stand consists of a snap rail aluminum pole that makes it stand upright and helps in reducing the wrinkles out of your banner, giving it a beautiful look. When it comes to putting up the banner stand, it is so simple to set it up, that it requires less effort and little time. You can use Roll-Up Standee in an exhibition or any trade show, since it is convenient to carry and can be displayed easily. These stands are also portable, which means you can move these stands from one place to another, to any show or location.

Our Roll-Up Standees are made from good quality raw materials; this is the reason it is highly durable and efficient. These stands are a great way to display your advertisement or message or logo. It is also a cost effective way of getting your message across to a large crowd of people. These banner stands have a great visual impact on people. It can be perfectly used for events where details are very crucial. You do not require any tools to set it up. Don’t worry in spite of its low weight these stands are quite steady and will not fall easily.

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2 x 5ft, 3 x 6ft