Why is it Needed ?

Remember, consumers choose opt your services keeping in mind the way you made them feel in your space. So, it is a need to use your brand to create a real point of difference. When a customer passes by your store and finds an impressive pop sign outside your store, it leaves a good impression on him about your space. People will remember your brand once they feel it immpressive, and will recommend to others too.

Helps Boosting Sales :

Business is all about building relationships with the new customers and maintaining with the exisiting ones. Led Frames engages your customers in your space due to its,

● Non-Breakable Body      ● Illuminated   ● Superb Finishing     ● Easy Print Change

Once people are impressed with the look and satisfied with your service, they will always choose you over your competitors and would also recommend your service to other people ; initiating the word of mouth marketing which will result into boosting your sales.

Low Power Usage :

Investing in branding costs alot and not all businesses can afford it, to solve such problems, having these exclusive Idea LED Frames could be an ideal solution. Idea LED Frames consume very low power, hence, you can use them and highlight your identity outside your store.

Daily Expense : Rs 5 / day

Cost : Rs. 4990 with 3 Years warranty will be only Rs. 5 /day.
To be more precise about the expense, instead of the final amount, we’ve explained it by dividing into daily power usage. Overall It will cost just Rs 5 / day. They are projected to both sides , your customer can view it from around any direction of your store.

After sales policy :

We always prefer providing an outstanding customer service before and after sales as well. These Idea LED Frames has a warranty of 3 years. So, when you’ve already invested a lot in setting up your Business. Compared to that its worth to invest only Rs. 3499 for inside your space which will show your Class and can engage people once they visit.
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