Neon LED Signs

We are using the new technology of LED Flexible rope to make creative signs that looks like glass neon. Our custom neon LED signs are the perfect touch of light. These Neon LED Tubes are manufactured using high grade components with the help of cutting edge technology. They are cold, safe, silent, low voltage and don’t break as glass neons. We can duplicate almost any existing classic sign.

Some of it key features Of Neon Led Signs are :-

  • It uses Led Strip and hence no Gas Refilling.
  • LED Strip consumes very less battery and hence it
  • works on power saving mode.
  • No need of maintenance and very durable.
  • Subtle when light is off and very attractive when light is on.
  • Environmentally friendly product and hence safe to touch.
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Flexible & Customizable

Waterproof-flexible-LED 1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

(Quality Tested)

A neon sign is a lighting display made of Acrylic tubes that have been filled with Neon Led Strips and bent into the shape of letters or decorative designs. These signs look very attractive and can be used for Home, Bedroom and Room Decoration. It can also be given as Gift items. It is a perfect match for wedding decor. “Good Vibes “ Neon Led Sign will instantly brighten up any room in the home. It is battery operated. The best part is it is “custom made”, we can make any word of “your choice” and “demand”. This is a perfect match for any type of Decor.

Color Options

Color Options - White, Orange, Green, Red, Yellow, Ice Blue, Purple

The best way to attract attention and custom to your business is by having a brightly coloured and well-lit sign outside to draw customers in. Humans are visual creatures by their very nature and if you can catch their eye you are much more likely to garner their business. ”Neon LED Signs “ are created using light emitting diodes (LEDs) which are strung closely together so that the light they emit overlaps and creates a steady source of light. Neon Led Signs each sign is unique and must be designed to fit the desired display within the confines of the available space.

Quality Testing

Under Water

Under Water

Frozen Water

Frozen Water

Boiling Water

Boiling Water

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