Hazard Signs

Warning and Hazard Signs

  • If there are hazardous areas or materials on your premises, it’s essential to warn both workers, visitors and the public about potential risks. One of the best ways to do this is by using Hazard Signs, which are widely understood
  • In order to draw attention to a particular risk it is important to mark the area with a Warning and Hazard Signs. These signs are designed to help prevent injury or accident from happening in the workplace.
  • The category of safety signs generally referred to as “Hazard signs” play an essential role in the management of your safety procedures protecting your staff, visitors and premises.
  • Hazard signs are displayed to advise and forewarn of potential dangers.
  • Hazard signs have a yellow triangle with a black pictogram or symbol on yellow background with a black border. The yellow part has to be at least 50% of the area of the sign. Within our Hazard sign range most signs use supplementary text and have headings with the words:
    • Danger
    • Warning
    • Caution


  • We Provide Signs which are Economic, Waterproof and durable.

  These categories are dependant upon the severity of risk e.g. Signs with the word Danger are used were the risk is deemed to be higher than those signs using the word caution.


Standard Sizes : 6×6 in, 8×8 in, 4×12 in, 8×24 in, 8×12 in, 16×24 in

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