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Promoting General Safety Inside The Workplace

  • These Safety Signs are creative and informative signs that remind workers of the different safety rules and regulations inside the workplace. They help promote general safety inside the workplace, which helps minimize industrial accidents.
  • There are different types of General Workplace Safety Signs, including Safety Wall Charts, Radiation Safety signs and Safety Posters for permanent and temporary safety reminders.
  • Double-Faced or Double-Sided Safety Sings, which display two warning messages, and Universal Graphic Signs are also available.
  • These Safety Signs should be used to indicate escape routes, emergency exits, emergency showers. Safety Signs consist of a green rectangle or square with the pictogram or text in white positioned centrally.
  • These Safety Signs are used for all fields such as Workshops, Factories, Schools, Computer labs, Housekeeping, Construction Sites, kitchens and Swimming pools.
  • Safety Signs should:
    1. Point out first aid kits, emergency eye wash fountains, and other medical equipment.
    2. Offer general sanitation guidelines and reminders.
    3. Encourage employees to report accidents, unsafe conditions, and other incidents.
    4. Motivate employees to be mindful of general hazards.
    5. Suggest best practices and other safety measures.
    6. Clear, Autoglow, Informative, Easily Noticeable, Waterproof and Durable.

Standard Sizes : 6×6 in, 8×8 in, 4×12 in, 8×24 in, 8×12 in, 16×24 in

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