Extinguisher Signs

Extinguisher Signs

  • In emergency situations, time is of the essence. Not a minute can be spared searching for Fire Extinguisher equipment.
  • Follow proper fire safety procedures by clearly labeling the location of fire extinguishers around your building. If a fire breaks out, keep workers and visitors safe by ensuring everyone knows the site of the nearest fire extinguisher.
  • These Extinguisher Signs and labels are best used in any environment to show the location of fire extinguishers.
  • Place these Extinguisher Signs and labels at the site of the fire extinguishers so employees and visitors know where they are and how to use them.
  • Any business or company that needs to identify fire extinguisher locations should use these Extinguisher Signs which are economic and light weight.


Standard Sizes : 6×6 in, 8×8 in, 4×12 in, 8×24 in, 8×12 in, 16×24 in

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