6 Facts of perfect 3D Acrylic Letters

1. Acrylic Letter Depth

  • Acrylic letter depth is depend upon height of letters as well width of letter walls.
  • For less than 10 inches heights 1.5 inch wall recommended.
  • As we more than 12 inch up-to 3 ft 2 inch sidewall recommended.

2. Acrylic Material Quality & Fading Color

  • Imported cast acrylic sheet is advisable for better gloss and durable color shade. Cheap acrylic sheet may cost less but, with time it will fade away. So we use imported cast acrylic for better quality.
  • Please read more at wikipedia

3. Laser Cutting v/s Manual Cutting

  • For proper finishing and sharp cutting we use laser cutting technology. Some vendor may cost less but use jigsaw cutting machine.

4. Excellent Finishing using Modern Machines

  • Excellent Quality : Good signages has good workmanship as well finishing. To achieve this excellent quality we use modern machines and technology.
  • Cheap Quality : Some competitors try to duplicate quality standards by doing work manually.

5. Computerized Flex Markup & Fixing

  • We spend extra money to make computerized marking flex for perfect marking & installation. Manual letter fixing will not get perfect positioning and may result with misaligned signage installation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cast_acrylic

6. Letter Backside (Cheap Sunboard Or 3mm Acrylic)

  • Cheap Sunboard Backside : Some signage makers use Normal 3mm sunboard backside but it make changes to water and dust storages inside letters. It may reduce cost but not good for long run so we use acrylic backside. As its not openable it’s difficult to do maintenance also.
  • Acrylic backside : Acrylic backside is highly recommended for durable life span of letters. It may cost extra but it reduces chances to dust dirt from backside of letters. As well it easy open and do maintenance.
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