3d Led Letters Comparison

Every running inch in acrylic letter must have LED modules. Extra space between LED modules makes low brightness. We are using LED Modules without any space. Thats makes uniform LED glow.

LED Luminance

LED brightness makes signage vibrant. Make sure LED Modules are with High Lumen gives bright light. Above 90 lumens gives best brightness. Normally 1.5 watt Led Modules gives best light. We use 110 Lumens LED Modules with diffuser lens.

Waterproof LED

Waterproof LED modules are mandatory to make outdoor signage. Normal LED may cost cheap, but in long run it have to change, Specially in monsoon rains. LED Modules changing is not only costly, because, you have to consider LED modules cost as well labour charges.

LED Diffuser Lens

LED modules must have diffuser lens on that. Without diffuser lens it will create bright white patches. with diffuser lens it will give uniform bright glow as well increase the life of LED Module.

LED Power Adapter

Cheap NonBranded

Life : Maximum 3 to 6 Months
Not Recommended


Warranty : 1 Year
Strictly indoor use only


Warranty : 1 Year
Outdoor, Good for light rains


Warranty : 1 Year
Outdoor, Good for heavy rains
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