Let’s first begin with the meaning of job card.

A job card is a printed document that entails all the necessary details pertaining to client requirements and the conditions agreed upon by both the parties (company and the client).

Why is it important?

A job card holds prime importance both for the client and the company. When it comes to branding, the client puts forth their ideas and expectations. The signage branding company notes down these and gives expert consultation.

The branding company collects as much information as possible from the client at various stages of consultation. After understanding the client’s needs, the company then suggests different solutions. It reveals the best suitable material for the signage, the labour force required for installing, the costing and the expected date of delivery.

The client either agrees or suggests modifications and rectifications to be made by the company. At the end, whatever requirements, terms and conditions are being agreed upon is documented and printed. This needs to be mandatorily signed by the client.

After the client signs the document, the manufacturing of signage begins. It has to be noted that the manufacturing process cannot be initiated without the client’s signature on the document.

Relying solely on verbal exchange of information can lead to communication gaps and misunderstandings. This will not only create disputes in future but will also cause huge losses for the company and the client.

A printed document serves as solid evidence for both parties. Neither of the parties can manipulate or change conditions that have been agreed upon earlier.

The client can get all his doubts cleared before registering his signature on the document. He/she should check each and every detail carefully before signing. Once the client puts his signature on the document, both parties should stick to it compulsorily.

If in case the client wants to change anything after signing the document, it will attract extra charges. However, the company would implement the changes only if it is practically possible.

For example: The client has already opted for non-lit boards. Later, in the middle of the manufacturing process, he changes his mind and wants to switch to LED sign boards. In this case, it would not be possible for the company to implement the change. Because, the material chosen as per earlier requirements cannot pass light through it.
A job card is extremely important to maintain a smooth flow of operations. It ensures transparency in business dealings between the company and the client.

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