As we have seen earlier, signage is a customised product. Different brands have different requirements. Some brands opt for an absolutely unique and innovative sign while some go for simple yet powerful designs.

No matter what the choice of design is, there is an elaborate process involved in manufacturing any kind of customised signage.

Here is a breakdown of the 7 Steps entailed in creating a signage.

1. Collecting General Information

The first few steps are mainly about collecting information from the client. The signage company demands the logo or symbol to be installed. Next, the company demands site photographs to know about the exact place of installation.

The client can share reference images of the type of signage it would like to install with the signage company.

If your company doesn’t have a logo or design ready, you can just mail us the details and we will design it for you.

2. Site Survey & Exact Measurements

The signage company sends one of its team members to survey the site. After a thorough survey, the company takes measurements of the site. Even a minor error in measurements can lead to major variations. It can either lead to wastage or shortage. The height and width of the site of installation is measured with maximum accuracy and precision.

The responsibility of taking accurate measurements lies completely with the signage company.

3. Designing Your Signage

The company will design the logo or symbol if the client doesn’t have one. If the client has an existing logo, the signage company will show how the logo or symbol would look after installation. Any practical difficulties that might arise in future will also be addressed at this stage.

4. Estimate

At this stage, the company prepares an estimate of the resources to be invested in the installation. After considering the labour and the financial resources that might be required for the installation, the company prepares a financial estimate and sends it to the client.

5. Collecting Advance Payment & Purchase Order

The buyer releases the purchase order after negotiating and arriving at a final price. After finalising the purchase order, the client signs the job card and gives advance payment to the company. The percentage of advance payment is not fixed and may differ every time

6. Production of Your Signage

After the job card is signed and the purchase order is released, the manufacturing process starts. Once the production starts, the company will not entertain any sudden changes in plan. The signage company starts production only after everything is approved by the client. Any sudden changes would attract extra cost.

7. Installation of The Sign

signage Installation Installation11

The branding company sends its team to the site for installation. The client can claim after-sales services in case of immediate damage if it had been agreed upon earlier.

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