Branding is a crucial ingredient to make any business successful. Most companies invest a considerable amount of time and money in developing a suitable branding strategy.
Signs are an integral part of any marketing strategy. After developing an apt logo or symbol that best represents your brand, you need to choose an appropriate way of displaying the sign.
Before you proceed and finalize the signage vendor, you need to cross verify certain facts to ensure that you reap maximum benefits.

1. Expert signage consultation

Signage makers should be willing to guide you with information about the best possible material that will help reinforce your brand logo. Depending on where the sign is displayed (indoors or outdoors), the material should be lasting, durable and sustain harsh weather conditions.
The signage vendor that you choose should understand cater to the needs of the client with customized options.
Certain inexperienced signage makers may not understand the importance of providing all the necessary information to the client which might ultimately lead to shoddy results.
After a detailed discussion, the vendor should suggest an option that fits the budget of the client as well as fulfills all his requirements.

2. Background check

If a particular signage vendor has been in the industry for long, the vendor would most probably be in a better position to furnish you with all the details and help you make an informed decision.
Signage makers that have already worked across different industries can undoubtedly deliver excellent results. A vendor with proven work experience is comparatively more reliable and trustworthy.

3. Testimonials

Look out for testimonials from the vendor’s current and previous clients. The reviews act as solid evidence of the company’s services. More positive reviews indicate customer satisfaction and the overall credibility of the company.
But, nowadays, companies also create fake reviews in a desperate attempt to win customers. Video reviews can help you identify real from fake. YouTube videos can be conveniently relied upon. The purchase order of reputed clients is one of the most important documents that you can ask to verify the vendor’s credibility.

4. Project Management System

Professional companies follow a structured pattern to deliver optimal results. Usually, companies make use of different management software to process work in a systematic manner. The way the company manages its work speaks a lot about its capacity and efficiency.
It is recommended to opt a signage vendor that follow these processes:
· Job card Approval
· Material procurement
· Process plan
· Quality check
· Installation
· Review
Clients can also overview the entire signage process if the software can grant access permission. ZOHO projects, Asana, Atlassian JIRA are some of the project management systems.

5. Value for money

Businesses often commit the mistake of judging the vendor based solely on the proposal. A proposal that seems attractive to you now might actually backfire if you don’t analyze other factors.
Before hiring a vendor, you need to ask the following questions:
1) Is the vendor willing to go an extra mile to win the trust of his customers?
2) Does he look passionate and committed about working with your business?
3) Is the vendor capable of achieving the objectives of your business with its signage services?
In short, a quotation that seems comparatively cheap might actually invite more troubles in the future. On the other hand, an expensive bid might also fail to accomplish desired results. As a result, it is essential to weigh down many factors before you zero in on the vendor.

6. Infrastructure and Team

It is necessary for the signage company to have in-house manufacturing capacity. If the vendor is dependent on a third-party sub-vendor, there will be critical problems that may lead to an increase in cost. Product quality can also be compromised.
Ideally, a signage company should have a team of graphic designers, CAD designers, salespersons and accountants. The team working at the manufacturing department should have site supervisors, welders, benders and electricians to overview the work at the factory. Laser machines, CNC router machines, plotter cutting machines are indicators of a sound infrastructure.
7. Guaranteed after-sales support
The vendor’s job doesn’t end with the installation. After the installation of the signage, the vendor needs to take care of the after-sales services. There are many vendors that provide guarantee and warranty, but only a few live up to the promise. So, is it possible to verify the quality of after-sales support?
Seeking answers to the following questions will help you get an idea of the after-sales services that the company might provide in the future.
• Does the company use branded raw materials?
• Does the signage vendor have a minimum experience of 5 years in the industry?
• Is the company backed by an efficient team and infrastructure?

8. Vendor comparison

It is always advisable to research and study about different vendors in the industry before sealing the deal. Cost should not be the only parameter used for comparison. Clients can also ask for sample signage to get a rough understanding of the product you are signing up for.

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