Signage branding is gaining importance like never before. But how do you know if the signage you have chosen is the right one?
How to differentiate between cheap, value for money and expensive signages?

Let’s first understand what we mean by cheap, value for money and expensive.

  • Cheap = Inferior Quality
  • Value for money means Quality = Cost
  • Expensive = Cost > Quality

In case of cheap signages, the cost is extremely low. But the quality is heavily compromised. You will gradually notice flaws in the signboard. The colour fades out, the lights stop working in case of glow sign boards and the material wears out.

In case of expensive sign boards, the cost is much greater than the quality. In short, the price of the signboard does no justice to the standard and grade.

So how to know if a particular signage maker is quoting the right price? How to find out if the product is value for money?

1. Check If the Company is Ready to Solve Your Problem

If the company is willing to give free expert consultation, it means the company is interested in solving your problem. If a signage maker doesn’t understand the long term impact of a signage on the brand, stay away from such companies.

The company should be sure that they are resolving certain pain points.

2. Cross Check the Quality of Colours

Clients should be well aware of the different colour grades available.
For example: If a client wants 3D Acrylic LED letters, he should have some basic knowledge about the types of acrylic available.
Always go for imported acrylic as opposed to Indian acrylic.

At first, you can hardly spot any difference between both. But after installing, you will be shocked to see how Indian acrylic loses its colour and shine. For example, if you opt for a rich brown colour, Indian acrylic will fade into a light brown colour in a few days’ time.
Bending is also not possible in Indian acrylic which results in bad finishing.

3. Check the Led Signs

LED sign boards easily catch attention due to their intense brightness compared to the rest of the signs.
But did you know that poor quality LED lights or duplicate LED brands can pose a threat to your brand image. For instance, your LED sign board has letters C L A S S I C. Now just imagine, some letters like C, A, S are shining bright and the rest of the letters are dim or not lit.
If this happens, know that you have simply ruined your brand image in an attempt to save a few bucks.

4. Back Plate

The sun board or the back plate of the sign board should withstand harsh weather conditions.
Moss and fungus are likely to damage the backplate of your signboard in the rainy season.
It is always advisable to go for acrylic foam boards that offer better resistance to wind and rain.
To protect your PCB, acryform should be used.
Acryform prevents corrosion and protects PCBs from pollution and humidity.
Another thing to note is if the signage company uses an electrical cable sleeve.

5. Power Adapters

While choosing a power adapter, double check if they belong to a branded company. Branded power adapters not only last long but they offer excellent after sales services if anything goes wrong. Clients are usually unaware and don’t bother to check if things as simple as power adapters are branded ones. It is the responsibility of the signage company to reveal such details. Even if the signage company doesn’t disclose the details, don’t fall prey to duplicate products.

6. Project Handling

As a client who is really looking forward to building a stellar brand image, you should check if the signage branding company has a highly efficient project management system in place.
Project handling means management of the entire process right from consultation to delivering after-sales services including material cost, workmanship, managing timelines etc.

A well-planned project management system is mandatory to carry out tasks without hassles.

So if you are really looking for a product that is true value for money, make sure to have a tick mark against each of the above mentioned factors.

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